Saturday, December 23, 2006

In case you're wondering...

"I would never join a club that would have me as a member."
--Groucho Marx

I'm unaffiliated with anyone. No unions (I'd definitely take it), no businesses, no corporations (I'd take it, less-money for their PACs). No. Even though my week beats your year, I don't take-money from people with any strings-attached. If ads eventually appear here, it's not going to change the content in any respect. C'mon, do I look like a professional editor or journo? I am not a whore, thank-you. Neither are actual-prostitutes. The real whoras are wearing suits in corporate suites, ruining our lives as I write this. They are the Dick Cheneys and John Rockefellers, the John Jacob Astors of our time. The faceless dictatorship of pervs and freaks; the cops, the crooks, and the twisted-rich, taking a page from Dashielle Hammett (who took a page from life).

If someone wants to advertise, they get no say in editorial-content, zilcho. I'm actually exploring the possibility of having registered-brothels in Germany, Denmark, South America, Vegas, and Canada advertise here. Hey, do they pollute the environment like a multinational? I think-not. Just cut the pimps out entirely, they're unnecessary middle-management, and you know what we think of that type here. Pimp-slap the pimps, they can go be busboys. Women--not rich ones--should control prostitution, period.

Not only would it be a hoot, raising-eyebrows of the low-brows, but the irony would be almost Brechtian. The funds of Venus, yes, and why not? Most of them want what I want anyway--a better world, a less-restrictive one. A place that's safe for the babies. This isn't very complicated. Besides, I should be paid for this shit, it's a great site that's fighting the good fight. We can make a better world, it's been proven possible many-times. If the 20th Century proved anything, it's that we hold our fate in our own hands. The best-revenge is making revolution pleasurable. The day of the secret college is here, existentialists and true hidden-Christians unite! Am I kidding? You figure-it-out.

PS: I work best alone. However, reasonable submissions are reviewed and accepted on-the-basis of what I deem fit for the site. I reserve the right to refuse or accept a piece for whatever reason.