Thursday, January 26, 2012

Virginia Hoge and Topix

I've been informed by Virginia that she's being harassed by right wing trolls on Topix. She's written some very good research and observations on the NSA's infiltration of social networks and commenting services such as a Topix, but them in particular.With the release of the Wikileaks "spyfiles" this is all but proven now, we know that the American intelligence establishment and their contractors are running an information war on commenting threads and social networks like Facebook. These sites and services are too willing to hand over private information to the national security state to the point that we need to ask who some of them really are.


  1. Its worse than being harassed Matt, they have me under full surveillance, everything on the internet. They are terrorizing me on Topix with hacked material. They have a cadre of trolls engaged in this, focused on me.

    My opinion is absolutely terrifying to Topix and the NSA. hahaha

    It must be dead-on. I have new posts on my blog:

  2. The NSA is watching everybody now. Insofar as recent comments from one of their whistleblowers goes they kept spying on most of us after the passage of FISA in 1978, but the gloves (warrants) really came off after 9/11--saw a good excuse, the opportunists. At least the Praetorian Guard slaughtered bad emperors...

  3. PS: You really need to be more oblique next time, I's disappointed. ;0)

    Ah, if could sue the entire intelligence community for violating the Fourth Amendment rights, but no, Congress, former senator and now President Obama won't have that, nope.

    Only they're allowed to look back, in anger of course. This has not been an endorsement of the American right.