Monday, January 02, 2012

Jewish Republican Eric Cantor sings for his meals

This smarmy fascist asshole was on the CBS investigative program 60 Minutes last night denying before God and everybody that Ronald Reagan never raised taxes when it's well established that he did. Is Cantor hanging out with Holocaust denier David Irving as well? Is he totally insane or just a bad liar? I'll tell you what he and most politicians are: simulacra of human beings, parodies of people. Politicians having sex with prostitutes is one more indicator that these people aren't human, acting out perverse, parallel versions of the lives of normal, well-balanced, ordinary people. The fact is that they're pathological, totally insane, and should be detained and evaluated as to whether they're criminal psychotics by legal and clinical definition.

Republican Eric Cantor needs to reform the Sonderkommando (Jews in the death camps who assisted in the disposal of other inmates for a little more time) so he can join it. Will he shoot himself in the back of the head, then dump his own body into a mass grave? Could be. His Walther P-38 is loaded with a full clip, he's ready for action, ready to lick the hand that overfeeds him with inflated capital. What scum. What an animal. Dirt. Typical behavior of Republicans in every sense. Next week they're going to tell us that the laws of gravity have been rescinded.


  1. Cantor is just another Republican. They can praise Israel, but being Jewish is another matter.