Friday, January 13, 2012

A message to Facebook contacts

My account was disabled today thanks to a number of factors, some of them backstabbing Libertarians who have a problem with freedom of speech. Contrary to being for "liberty," these little men (ever notice women are too smart for that shit?) have no tolerance for someone disagreeing with them and bruising their titanic egos, exposing their delusions of adequacy. The last time I got booted was over the Jaenelle Antas story (see label below) and her connection to a chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana--the most successful Libertarian group in the 2010 elections at a whopping 2%--and Holocaust denier David Irving. For posting a link to the article, giving them a heads up, I was reported and removed. Does that sound like they have any respect for freedom of the press there? Never mind that: my page was literally inundated for many months after reestablishing a new profile under a different name, hacking, dirty trick, you name it, they tried it.

Many of them got wind that I was back on Facebook and came at me like the slack-jawed (mooks--look it up) zombies that I always thought they were. Ever notice many of them work in the IT world and at Radio Shack? I don't play nice with hateful idiots and I'm sure that these wimps were reporting me left and right (there is no center in America, face it) because I wasn't going to humor them like their friends and family who have to. The irony is that while I've been vociferous in my criticisms of both American Libertarians and Ron Paul on Facebook, I have never reported any of these people who hide in the shadows. What they don't get is that I accomplished what I wanted to on there on many, many counts. It doesn't matter. I'm just one person, certainly, but there's little doubt in my mind that I got people thinking about these vermin and the threat that they pose to democracy in the United States. They're the legendary people waiting in the wings for their time, they're a bigger problem than you think.

Anyway: I have had my life disrupted thanks to dirty tricks on Facebook by nameless, faceless people. God only knows who they are, but this is a relief to put it mildly, I wanted out long before this occurrence. This is a blessing in disguise to put it mildly. To all of my Facebook contacts, you can reach me either here (my email address can be found on my profile page here) or via my Twitter account. There will also be a stand alone website coming before long for the DC Madam book.


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