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Unfortunately, we can’t assist you until you reply and attach identification that verifies the name submitted in your request.

Please attach a copy of one government-issued ID (ex: drivers license or passport) or two documents from a respected institution or business. Together these documents must show your full name, photo, and date of birth.

Some examples of acceptable documents include:

- School or work ID
- Utility bill
- Marriage license
- Legal name change paperwork
- Credit card (with the number blacked out)
- Birth certificate

If possible, save this file as a JPEG and cover up any personal information that we don't need to verify your identity (ex: address, license number). We also recommend sending your attachments over a secure connection. Find out more here:

Note that we won't be able to assist you until we receive the proper documents.


User Operations

-----Original Message to Facebook-----
Subject: Disabled Account Appeal-ID Request

Contact email address:
Name: Matthew Janovic
Birth month: 5
Birth day: 2
Birth year: 1968
Login Email Address:

-----End Original Message to Facebook-----
Matt Janovic
9:28 PM (1 minute ago)

to Facebook
I never filed an appeal and kiss my ass.

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