Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jaenell Antas and Censorship

Naziland--This very stupid young woman had her photos (posted at one time by her on Stormfront, also her MySpace page) removed from this blog not long ago, perhaps the last six months. That's pretty ridiculous considering she's been putting them out there--you don't keep title when you do that without some statement of intellectual ownership. Whether it was her or Google, I don't know, but it's even money the Nazi, Holocaust denying bitch whined to them about it.

So much for Google's supposed stance on censorship over the impending intellectual property protection bills (SOPA is one) is hypocritical in this light, the use of the photos was academic, they were up for years before being pulled, and Antas lost title to them the moment she posted them without any declaration of ownership--doesn't matter.

Hit the related labels below for a rundown of the story. Yes, some of the links in those posts are dead. Some of us have a habit of rewriting history. Others, like me, have a habit of documenting it for posterity so that the lies don't hold. What a flake...

Here's a link to her MySpace page where they're still posted:

The first article, coming from a tip out of Portland, Oregon:

PS: Wikileaks was releasing hacked emails from UK Holocaust revisionist David Irving at the time. Interesting serendipity.

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