Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Songs from the Site Meter: Neo-Nazi pin-up Jaenelle Antas comes looking for updates about herself...

Site Meter--She goes to IUPUI, do the math. Some Libertarian fucktard recently sent me a comment saying, "We're so tolerant we don't judge people by their beliefs, even if they're a Nazi," which speaks for itself. I didn't publish it because I've addressed all of their points and the fact that life's too short to argue with ignorant cranky assholes spouting an endless stream of non-sequiturs. Frankly, I want to see her oiled with swastikas painted all over her body, maybe hennaed, with a potato-masher grenade in her teeth, maybe even licking it.

The grenade should be live...

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  1. What a bunc of spineless jerks!! They make comments like that they should at least have the gonads to sign their name!! Good for you calling them out!

    Ps~~You gotta tell me how you track that!!

  2. This was an interesting one: the bastards found a way to sneak through the Site Meter wire, I couldn't tell who they were. They went to fairly extreme--pun intended--lengths to hide their identities.

    So, it could have even been the GOP, the denizens of Jack Burkman, Jr. (gimp-dick), members of the Libertarian Party of Indiana (LPI-tards), some skinhead cell who's been gang-banging Jaenelle (my best guess), or even someone sitting at a terminal on a military base simply to attempt to demoralize me.

    They should know by now that there's literally nothing on this earth that's going to do that.

    This is what they accomplished: they reminded me that I needed to write an observation of how they're afraid to invoke what they have in common with the Bush II administration and the GOP generically--they all love deregulation.

    There is no difference between the Libertarians and the GOP, just the name, and their collective ideology has been proven the sham and the pipe dream (Crack pipe) that it is and was, and soon will be part of the past.

    We should also recall that many IT people are right-wing turds, but they're not entirely. We have enough people on our side of the fence to kick their dicks in the dirt, and we are and will be doing more in the near future.

    Get on it people, get off your asses and kick their shit. Use your heads and your skillz.

  3. No suprise that Neofascists/Neonazi's hide behind the facade of "Libertarianism". Hell the beloved leader, Ayn Rand was against civil rights and rights for LGBT people(who she called disgusting filth. I searche Jaenelle Antas and got a intresing hit:

    Also Ron Paul:

    Heres a really intresting article that I got from a link(ironically) from a pro-capitalist website:
    -Makes you shudder to think people would love to turn the world into Dubai!!

    -I wrote the comment about how the american dream was/is completly fake. Email me if u like.

  4. I think the reality is that there's little ideological difference between the Libertarians and the fringe right, which frankly, they're really a part of in the end.

    But, people like Jon and Tom Metzger have been trying to persuade them into a racialist path for along time, at least 20 years without any luck. They should realize that it doesn't matter and that most of the bastards feel the same way as they do about race, they're generally bigots at-minimum.

    One email from a Libertarian that I won't ever bothering to publish said as much, that they weren't fazed by having someone like Antas on board. That says it all to me.

    Thanks for the links.