Sunday, December 13, 2009

An open letter to the remaining cuckholded GOP wives...


This is addressed most specifically to Wendy Vitter, the unfortunate "wife" of GOP Sen. David Vitter from Louisiana: what the hell is wrong with you all? Do you realize how stupid and pathetic you look by not divorcing these moronic clowns? At least the soon-to-be former wife of soon-to-be ex-Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has some self-respect. Clearly, you have none. You're broken women who would fit-in very well in nations like Saudi Arabia...and Afghanistan.

Even Iranian women tend to be more progressive and modern than you these days, so you really come off like anachronistic freaks who would have seemed normal during the Middle Ages in Europe, but today, you just seem pathological, insane. You have truly lost your minds if you think that what you're getting in materialism and all the other "creature comforts" is worth the scorn and ridicule. You have gotten yourselves into a Faustian bargain that's got you kissing the Devil's ass. A kingdom in hell is your home. And what of your children? Do they have reasonable role models? Most of your degenerate husbands, many of whom adhere to a form of despicable theistic patriarchy, are criminals and have made America the laughingstock of the developed world. You're pathetic.

Seriously: leave your husbands, divorce them immediately. You're going to get 50% of their assets--and that's just-for-starters--so give them that "what for" that they've had coming since shortly after the honeymoon and retake your dignity and humanity. Take them down. Tell everything, tell us where the bodies are buried. Once the floodgates are open, there's no fix that's going to put the lid back on. Tell us the worst things about your would be patriarchs, your oppressors. The courts favor you now more than ever.

To continue to be chained to these little men makes you less than them because you keep tolerating their whoring with other women. Staying with them doesn't change a thing, and taking them to task is hardly enough. In the end, this makes you all whores, and having communicated with the real deal, I can tell you that so long as you remain married to these criminals, these psychopaths, you are lower than the lowest crack-addicted streetwalker.

yours in Christ, Matt Janovic

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