Friday, July 24, 2009

Jaenelle Antas: Indiana Libertarian and personal assistant to UK Holocaust denier David Irving

"Well-behaved women rarely make history."
--"Tristania," StormFront bulletin-board member since 2005.

Indianapolis, Indiana
--This tip comes to me from a source in Oregon. I don't believe that this is unknown--that Jaenelle Antas is the American assistant to UK Holocaust denier David Irving--but I don't think that many out there in the public know that Antas has also served as Assistant to the Chair of Indiana's Libertarian Party (2007-2008), certainly not within the state itself. Yet, she has.

Antas was spotted and identified in Portland last week for a speaking engagement of Irving's, reputedly even being seen with different clothing on to cloak her identity.

Did the Libertarian Party of Indiana know who she really was when she served as an assistant to State Chair Todd Singer? They have some explaining to do. Some online posts have stated that she was once on the home page of the Libertarian Party of Indiana and was given a college scholarship by them, but it appears that this has all been pulled.

Antas is rumored to post on Storm Front's bulletin-board under the identity of "Tristania," a seemingly Wagnerian name from Teutonic legend, and also a band that she likes within the genre of "metal opera." A look at Antas's Myspace page notes:

An abridged, but representative list of bands and musicians I like:
After Forever
Ava Inferi
Blut Aus Nord
Cecilia Bartoli
Deathspell Omega
Diablo Swing Orchestra
How Like a Winter
Leaves' Eyes
Limbonic Art
Madder Mortem
Mar de Grises
My Dying Bride
Nokturnal Mortum
Renee Fleming
Sins of Thy Beloved
Star of Ash
Theatre of Tragedy
Thou Shalt Suffer
Without Face
Venin Noir
Virgin Black
And there's more, much more on this account that corroborates who she is. The photos on what appear to be Antas's StormFront account almost certainly have to be the same person as the Myspace account. "Tristania's" fixation on a Wagnerian-moniker is interesting, possibly even adulatory. Yet, Wagner--now incontrovertibly established as a rabid anti-Semite--is missing from her online list of "influences" on the Myspace account, and it appears to be a disingenuous move on her part. Why hide who you really are? Considering the company that she keeps outside of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, it's not hard to understand why.

Is she some form of "Trojan Horse"? The Wagner connection is telling if this is the same individual.

Indeed, as recently as last week, a German scholar has confirmed from the composer's personal correspondence (and of his half-Jewish wife, Cosima, the daughter of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt) once-and-for-all that Wagner was an anti-Semite. For many, this was a forgone conclusion long ago, inside and outside of neo-Nazi and white hate circles.
Letters between German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883), his wife Cosima and musicians at the Bayreuth opera house showed more consistent anti-Semitism than had previously been known, a music history researcher has said. In a interview with the German Press Agency dpa, music and theatre researcher Stephan Moesch charged that materials showing anti-Jewish attitudes of the Wagner family had been 'glossed over' by the academic community.
("Researcher highlights 'ignored' anti-Semitism in Wagner letters," Deutsche Presse-Agentur, 07.21.2009)
The late German historian Joachim Fest, and numerous other musical scholars, cultural historians, and world historians have contended this all along. Fest and many other international historians have contended that Wagner's operas informed Adolph Hitler's own brand of anti-Semitism, and could very likely have inspired the concept of the Holocaust, the wiping-out of European Jewry. Again, for the sake of context, Antas is currently the assistant to the Mosleyite Holocaust denier David Irving.

Fest wrote in his sprawling biography of Hitler:

For the Master of Bayeruth was not only Hitler's great exemplar; he was also the young man's ideological mentor. Wagner's political writings were Hitler's favorite reading, and the sprawling pomposity of his style unmistakably influenced Hitler's own grammar and syntax. Those political writings, together with the operas, form the entire framework of Hitler's ideology: Darwinism and anti-Semitism. ("I hold the Jewish race to be the born enemy of pure humanity and everything noble in man"), the adoration of barbarism and Germanic might, the mystique of blood purification expressed in Parzifal, and the general histrionic view in which good and evil, purity and corruption, rulers and the ruled, stand opposed in black and white contrasts. ...Here he found the "granite foundations" for his view of the world. (Fest, Joachim, Hitler. P.56)
A reasonably thorough combing of the web shows that Ms. Antas goes to a fair amount of trouble limiting and possibly obscuring her Internet and public presence as well as obviously racist statements. I'm sure she's not the only one to pull her name and photographs off the Internet. She's good, possibly even clever, but that hasn't stopped others from noticing her.

It all fits very nicely: her Myspace page has Libertarian friends--even at this writing--as well as a number of fans of Norwegian metal and the like. That's not a real indicator of a far right connection in itself, but the restraint there speaks volumes. Comments are very carefully worded on "Tristania's" StormFront comments just as they are on the Myspace account, by Antas, and her "friends."

But why would anyone care to use one of the few operas as an online identity in redacted form, a spin-off of the name of a Norwegian metal opera group? Sure, she's probably a fan, but what of the rest here? The strong possibility is that someone told Antas this very interesting fact: Tristan and Isolde was one of the very first operas by Wagner that Adolph Hitler attended, and it was a seminal influence on him that lasted to the very end of his life. It all fits too nicely to be a coincidence. Yes, it appears someone has problems behaving alright.

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