Saturday, December 12, 2009

Next week: A brief psychological profile of GOP pundit/lobbyist Jack Burkman, Jr. and his gimp-leg/soul

WWW--The site meter's going to light-up for this one! Jack has one leg shorter than the other, some weird literary analog to his damaged soul, a modern day "Tartuffe," or perhaps Tartuffe's enigmatic assistant who never talks and just acts sinister, a good fit. I can see him dragging his leg down the streets of Georgetown and Arlington, even right around Capitol Hill, as he and others work to screw the rest of us. There's an anger to this man that speaks of incredible emotional pain, and he's not alone in the political/economic/media establishment. He has polluted himself and our culture, spreading his disease like a kind of contemporary "Typhoid Mary" of the soul. But someone had to teach him this, he was created.

The problem with turds like Burkman is that some of them once had ideals and know somewhere in their poisoned hearts that they're trapped and that they're not as invincible as they'd like to think. They know someone owns their ass. Overcompensation is part of the mindset, just watch him on television sometime--if you can stand more than a few moments like me. I can say unequivocally that Burkman is lying in his denial that he was a client of the DC Madam's escort service. He called at least four times between 2003 and 2006, and that's no accident at that point, just like it wasn't with Ret. Col. Ronald Roughead, David Vitter, Dick Morris, Randall Tobias, and a yet-to-be-revealed cast of dozens of the privileged who also weren't misdialing when they called Pamela Martin & Associates.

I should also add that Jack and/or some of his associates might have sent a simulacrum ex-girlfriend around as a way of baiting me into a kind of an ambush. I could be wrong, but when someone offers to meet him again and then suggests getting him to say something "incriminating" on tape, flags go up, car alarms go off, and you know as a researcher and an investigator not to pull that particular trigger. It's entirely possible I'm wrong about this, but there have been other incidents during the entire DC Madam saga that keep begging-the-question regarding illegal surveillance and even subtle harassment, maybe even "dirty tricks."

Yes, they're out there, watching, just look at the visits I keep documenting. Of course, the skeptical can and probably will claim that these are "routine," which is half-true. Their problem is that unless they were part of the story in the same way I was, they simply don't know what they're talking about--not that that's going to stop them from having a baseless opinion. The other problem in their argument (and again, sometimes they're right) is the low-level of traffic at this site. It stops being accidental, and yes, I'm fully aware they send webots around.

Expect fireworks, and ask Wonkette sometime why they pulled literally EVERY article or post they ever did on Jack Burkman, Jr. They won't tell me. Funny considering that he's a public figure and the allegations that he walks around DC handing-out his card to women he wants to have sex with are true, including the fact that he's definitely a whore-monger like most of the scum in DC and has offered several women money for sex. What a waste of a man and his talents. What a waste of a life and an Ivy League education, better put-to-use in making the world a better place and helping one's fellow man. I'm sure he's laughing at this final paragraph, but that's the curse of the low-grade psychotic...

PS to faux-progressives: Thanks for nothing.

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