Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Smolensk tracks up on myspace

WWW--There are two new instrumental tracks of my musical project, Smolensk, up on Myspace as of today: "Endgame" is a kind of a "fourth world" instrumental with sitars-and-the-like, and "TransAtlantic" is a fragmented Apocalyptic hip-hop instrumental. Enjoy (or not)!


  1. None, I use hardware. ;0) I use a Roland V-Synth, a Roland Dr. Sample (on TransAtlantic), a Moogfooger MURF-104, and a Fostex 16-track digital recorder. I also use a Roland Dr-880 drum machine that has a bassline sequencer with over 40 bass voices.

    I often just play the basslines on the keypad because the ideas rush in too fast and I hate programming. I actually play almost everything but the beats at some stage. Don't like working with computers that much other than mastering.

    On TransAtlantic, I took a cassette-tape of some guitar I'd recorded, my own playing, and sampled it onto the Dr. Sample and put it through live filtering and effects. The other guitar is live. The beats are from a breaks comp. CD from over ten years ago.

    On "Endgame," I played everything but the central rhythm-voice, I played a sitar voice live, like virtually everything else.

  2. PS: I also use the "Gristleizer," a box created for Throbbing Gristle in the 1970s. It's a little like a filter, but also has elements of noise-filtering, distortion, and even harmonizer-like effects.

    It takes the component-harmonics and brings some of them to-the-fore, so you can play melody-chords and whatnot. The MURF is slightly similar, but works like a rhythmic EQ, it's doss, as Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Painkiller, Scorn) once said to me describing something else in an entirely different context. ;)

    I also use the effects on the DR-880 since it has a guitar-bass input, so I do "wrong" things like run vocals or synths through it to get a different sound. Very influenced by Eno in most of this.