Thursday, August 27, 2009

A reflection on Jaenelle Antas...

WWW--Surely, a hot body, to be sure, although she could eat a hamburger or a steak more often, she could use a little more weight on her ass and her trunk. I know, I'm picky, I like a woman with a natural figure, call me a Nazi. Still, very hot, very physically attractive, but then--like many women in America--she'd start talking and ruin the mood, the ambiance...OK, the delusion that she and most American women are reasonable. I have to say that while very few American women deny that 6 million Jews were exterminated by the National Socialist state under Hitler, they sure don't give a shit about America's victims and prefer shopping to the exclusion of the sun itself.

That's right, Jaenelle's not the only good-looking fascist out there, and I'm sure that had she not opened her mouth, posted on Stormfront, and gotten a regular schtupping by Der Fueher Irving (maybe even gang-fucked by some Storm Troopers), you wouldn't have noticed her at all, would you? We all stand accused, just some more than others.

Quit fooling yourselves, we're all fucking liars headed over the cliff. We have a chance here to avert it, but would it surprise anyone if we piss it away? When you have a public that thinks their main responsibility is to pull a lever or push a button every 2-to-4 years, it's called mutually assured destruction, not democracy. Citizenship is a lifetime obligation and it's time that we all started accepting this responsibility.

Small wonder then that Jaenelle and her fellow morons think that they have a chance at mainstreaming their pathetic white hate bowel movement that's going nowhere fast, but they really do since they're just a part of the Lollipop Guild. Apathetic or pathetic? It seems to be an admixture of both. If you don't assert yourself and stand up to power and challenge it, you deserve the lousy life you have. Anything less is your own fault. Democracy isn't a microwaveable pizza, but if you approach it the same way it's going to be about as satisfying. Anything worthwhile takes work, real work. No wonder the elites hate us. I would too...

Postscript, 08.29.2009
: A piece-of-shit named Chris Downie wrote a worthless comment that I'm never going to post for its inanity. He claims that Jaenelle's "brave" and that I "should provide a counterargument," not that he says to what, but I assume that he's saying it's on me to prove 6 million Jews died under National Socialism. It's on you, and I don't waste my time on idiots, but I felt like beating-up on you tonight since it's entertaining to me to do so to someone so clearly moronic and pathetic, so easily hateable.

Here goes:

Fuck you Chris, you troglodyte motherfucker, you are not a man, even if you were one of the Storm Troopers that gang-fucked Jaenelle and did so for the four years you claim to have known her. You're all dysfunctional, emotionally retarded sociopaths who probably can't get-it-up anyway, and I defy you and your worthless life. You are kitsch-made-flesh, a pathetic anachronism, even more sad than a politician. You are flotsam, puerile shit that was fashioned into a human form that somehow moves, is somehow animate.

Your beloved Adolph Hitler's "thousand year Reich" lasted a mere twelve, which makes you a loser who worships nihilistic losers. If you love Hitler so much, go to Moscow, ask to see his jaw, and tongue it, asshole. My grandfather shot at asswipes like you and came back with trinkets off their stupid dead asses. With luck, you'll die in prison. And that's right asshole, I'm a socialist and an actual man. You're a pathetic child without a fucking clue about anything.

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