Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arlen Specter's Town Hall and the articulate, gesticulating chick in the blue shirt

Lebanon, Pennsylvania--A very well-spoken woman, I must say. One might be mistaken in thinking that she was the ringleader of all the jackapes yelling at Senator Specter, but certainly not their paymaster.

Here's some problems:
--She went out of her way to state that she was 35 since--let's be honest--most of the morons yelling and violating other people's right to speak (a clear violation of the First Amendment, meaning it's OK to drag them out) are old fools. Not many young people...OK, virtually no young people at all...

--She stated that, "This isn't about TARP [right, why would the right-wing care when the people sending them there benefited from it?]...this isn't a left-right issue...I don't want my country turning into Russia [sure about that one?]," and a bunch of other inane comments about "dismantling our country" that aren't worthy of repeating.

--She and the other jackapes engaging in political theater for the benefit of the health care trusts have no concept of the social contract (look it up), so Arlen Specter, yes, Arlen Specter, had to explain it to them like the overweight schoolchildren that they are.
The main problem was that she was most certainly a handpicked activist/actress put there to appeal to a specific demographic of stupid American woman--reactionary, greedy, narrow-minded ones. You know, Kate Gosselin, that flaming shrew extraordinaire, part of the minority of 30% who don't want socialized medicine, and "you're just jealous." No, I'm not. We're not. Happy? I don't think so, and it's obvious. Her point-of-view is most definitely to the far right of the political spectrum when put up against public opinion, but she shares this with many politicians currently holding office.

How many times does it have to be repeated? A firm, unmovable 70% of the American public strongly desires socialized medicine, like a Medicare program for everyone. You know, that program that dirty hospitals, doctors, and all the rest like ripping-off whenever they can because free enterprise doesn't need to be regulated, and other unicorns and animals that couldn't fit on Noah's Ark.

One old moron in the audience really put it well, though: "I don't think we have bad attitudes, we're just being Americans." Yes, retarded ones, and yes again, this isn't about left or right, it's about what the public really wants, meaning socialized medicine. And this means these people are hardly representative of the public by any stretch of the imagination. But keep yammering, I'd love to see the crappy bill (as opposed to H.R. 676, the real deal) that the Obama administration, Big Pharma, the insurance companies, and the best Congress money can buy, are trying to float through.

Even if they do, it's just going to keep wrecking the economy with the cost.

A bolder contention: the entire thing is a sham, these town hall meetings are nothing but political theater, and there are no real "sides" being represented, certainly not the public one. How could it be with all the shouting? Now you know the whole point of this charade, this Shibboleth. Hey, you could be easily forgiven in thinking Billy Mays was still alive-and-snorting...

Postscript, 08.14.2009: The woman at the Specter town hall was Katy Abram. She was recently taken to task on MSNBC with a little rundown on it here (hit the link below) at Crooks & Liars. (http://crooksandliars.com/logan-murphy/hardball-town-hall-protester-exposed). Of course she's ill-informed. But I'm sure someone put this pushy monkey up to it...

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