Saturday, August 15, 2009

Health care: where's my change?

The campaign trail--Where's my single-payer? 70% of the public wants it. After that, it's all confusion, lies, and political theater, there's nothing left to discuss. Enough of the smokescreen. We want single-payer, make it happen.

And to all these morons shouting everyone else down: we're on to you, and shut up and let the rest of us speak our minds. The president's so-called "deal" with the drug companies is a total sham, it will save a mere 2% on drug prices over ten years, something he's not willing to discuss in much detail. That's a honey deal.

Will he really allow the Bush II tax-cuts for the richest expire? As nutty as his decisions have been for the last few months, it wouldn't surprise me, one might be excused for thinking he and Congress were high. They just don't get that the profit-motive is what's destroying everything and that the public could use a break from unremitting social darwinist policies.

Sadly, President Obama is proving himself to be nothing more than another kiss-ass lawyer, for sale to the highest-bidder.

Postscript, 08.16.2009: This weekend, the White House is making their scripted move away from a public health care option. Why? Because they never intended to pass one. But no worries--the economy will just keep crashing, again and again. Then, at least, there won't be money for our bloated military and two illegal wars raging in the Middle East. Obama never intended to pass a public health care option, wake up, and regret you ever voted for him, because I didn't. Being naive isn't exactly being hopeful, is it? But ask any economist worth their salt, and they'll tell you that without any real leadership in reforming the economy, we're just never going to have a recovery. Believe it or not, I can live with that, so long as the rich lose it all too. I'm sure they will.

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