Friday, August 21, 2009

Guns don't kill people, Part I...

Guns don't kill people...

..., Phil Spector kills people.

..., morons who should never own a gun kill people.

...., people who say "Guns don't kill people," kill people.

..., a loaded gun pointed at a person and discharged at them, kills people.

..., an ignorant redneck pointing a gun accidentally kills people.

..., Libertarians who should never own a gun, kill people.

..., a pathological version of penis envy (in men) kills people.

..., gun and ammunition companies that sell guns to fools, kill people.

..., children with their parents' guns, kill people.

..., white supremacists who should never be allowed to own an air rifle, kill people.

..., mentally-ill people with the God-given right to own an assault rifle, kill people.

..., God created people, and therefore, guns, so God kills people and must be evil on weekends.

..., but my .50 belt-fed machine-gun is good for hunting deer.

..., a bad political culture fed by the ignorant coward, kills people.

..., but Ted Nugent kills animals, and thankfully, isn't allowed to kill people.

..., but America is very good at killing people to turn a buck.

..., a projectile going faster than the speed of sound crashing into a human trunk or brain-pan, kills people, usually for no logical reason whatsoever.

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