Sunday, August 02, 2009

Coming soon: A fictional satire on our new president as seen through the eyes of an imaginary George Romero, circa 1968!

WWW--Yesssssss, it's coming, so be forewarned. Our imaginary researchers have found what appears to be a missing scene that was removed by George Romero and John Russo from an imaginary version of the original screenplay'll see. Duane Jones, RIP. Let's just say that President Obama is no Duane Jones, here to save the day.

Back in February, I had to at least give our new president a chance, and he's delivered in a few areas, but otherwise, he sucks, he's just another shill beholden to Wall Street and the rest of the cuddly people who are catapulting us towards a man-made Apocalypse (can't lose those privileges!).

1968: the year that I was born, a year of incredible ferment that's sure to be dwarfed very soon, regardless of what road we decide to take as a nation and a species. That wall is fast-approaching...will the Black guy board-up the windows and tell the Goldwater moron to get back into the basement? Nahhh, Obama's too "reasonable" (meaning he's full-of-shit...).

There was only ONE Duane Jones, ever.

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