Wednesday, January 24, 2007


wArSHINtUHn--Lots of tongue-darting and...shit, nothing. His "plan" for "energy independence" keeps us hooked on oil. Boy, what a shock there. And what a shock that he didn't bother to mention his ongoing-failure in New Orleans. He cannot do anything right. What if a tornado hit your back twenty? If clownboy is in-office, you're screwed because he's alienated the bureaucracy, gummed-up the process with his crony-appointees whose suits wear them, and then Iraq: Lt. General Petraeus, the man who has to expedite President Cheney's troop-escalation, says the situation in Iraq is "dire." He just won't admit that he's wrong and that it's ending. But that's what criminals do. They try to keep buying-time, even when it's obviously over. They'll try to drag-things-out irrationally because all they know is that they don't want to be grabbed.

It's OK with me if the Federal Marshals bruise them a tad, maybe even a couple of black-eyes. That's fine. He never painted a good portrait of leadership, and now even the rednecks have realized it in their collective beer and meth-soaked stupors. But the GOP decided to strike-back at the Middle Class and migrant workers by voting-against raising the minimum-wage (the GOP claims they want "tax-breaks for small-businesses", which means the rich ones only). They still don't seem to be realizing how much the context has changed in America. The midterms weren't simply about Iraq, but about a desire to see the Federal government serving the common good, and cleaning-house of all these GOP (and Democratic) crooks. We're going to be watching from here on in, and the worm is turning.

01.25.2007 PS: OK, this is really the last comment! Did anyone notice his big F-U to Congress when he announced an ADDITIONAL 5,000 Marines to the 20,000-strong troop-escalation? I did. It's like saying, "Nobody can take this administration down but ME! Nobody can do it faster!" So he does have a sense of humor, you got me.

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