Saturday, January 20, 2007


2nd District, Northern Indiana--

Dear Joe,

Here's a suggestion regarding "illegal-immigrants" (meaning mostly Mexican ones): let's naturalize everyone who is already here to get them paying-taxes. Also, let's encourage them to form and join unions. Yes, unions. We should have legislation that mandates that all them have unionized workplaces since they're in a vulnerable-position. Then, bad-employers who hire them illegally--and pay them exploitative-wages--can't undermine the jobs and the pay of immigrant-workers or even naturalized ones. Besides, we can use the taxes, we have a major deficit to pay-down, and this would help.

With higher-wages, the Federal government can afford those social programs most of us need, and pay for this worthless war (and the future rebuilding of Iraq, since it's our mess). We can also use the funds to pay for investigations into war-profiteering and all the sundry crimes of the Bush administration, because it's going to be costly. But again, let's think about those poor Mexican-immigrants, you could use their votes in the future--hell, they are the future of American politics. To neglect them displays a poor-sense of politics, never mind sound leadership. Unfortunately, you've been screwing-up in this area. Stop listening to your advisors so much, you're going to have to develop your own political intuitions to be an effective leader.

On the war in Iraq: Vote to defund it, period. No excuses.

On Global Warming: get the new-technologies to come to Indiana.

yours-in-Christ, Matt Janovic

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