Monday, January 22, 2007


"Under the guise of tax breaks, the president is pursuing a policy designed to destroy the employer-based health care system through which 160 million people receive coverage."

--Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.), (AP,01.22.2007)

WASHINGTON D.C.--Nobody on the House Ways and Means Committee even wants to touch it. It redefines any money that an employer pays-into employee health plans "taxable-income." How exactly is that going to encourage employers to pay for any of their employees' plans? Like everything he's ever proposed, it sucks, and it won't work. Correct, neocons: government doesn't work...with you in-charge. Welcome to the world of the lame-duck Presidency, and you've earned it, schmuck. You're political polonium, the village idiot. Nobody wants to touch you because you're already dead politically. Done.

It appears the President really doesn't understand that it's no-longer the immediate aftermath of 9/11 anymore. Meanwhile, the GOP in Congress are revolting--not in the usual way--against Bush's escalation of the war in Iraq. CBS is attributing the President's plummeting approval-ratings to the escalation. Even Sen. John Warner, a significant ally of the Bush administration, has begun voicing-opposition to the President's direction in Iraq. Still, no binding-legislation has been forthcoming in Congress. It's time to decide for the decider.

The AP story:

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