Thursday, January 18, 2007


WASHINGTON D.C.--Top that, GOP. You can't. Why? Because you're inherently-obstructionist. You have nothing to offer but fear and a stab in-the-back to the public, especially economically. That's because you're in-the-pocky of big business, and the public has finally begun to figure-it-out again--just as they did during the Progressive Era and the Great Depression. You had all-three branches of government, and you couldn't accomplish this in two, four, or even six-years. You could be given 100, and you couldn't turn-out a good anything. You're losers, so get with the program.

You did nada for the public and the common good. You had your chance for 12 full-years, and all you did was wreck the economy, get us into a war that undermines all of our security, and countless criminal-acts that would make Julius Caesar blush with shame. You rolled-back our civil liberties. This is ending, your agenda is over. Expect more spanking in 2008, 2010, and-on. We're going to keep kicking-you when you're down here on the internet-- forever. The ride is over, time to pay the piper. And yes, goddammit, it took a strong woman to begin draining that swamp.

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