Thursday, January 18, 2007


A Sergio Leone film--He's a desperado alright. He's also a former dirty appointee-judge, now a criminal Attorney General. You know, a normal one. How about making the AG's office one that's elected? What Gonzales isn't is a good-person, or even a real Mexican. He is a liar and a criminal who has been caught, and he looks-the-part. The Senate is making it crystal-clear that they're going to keep-pushing up his ass with a microscope. Today reminded me of all those endings of the Leone/Eastwood westerns--the climax in the circle, the coliseum, the primal standoff. The moment of truth. "Warrants? We don't need no stinking warrants!" Wrong. Go time.

We're beginning to see that truth emerge ever-so-gradually (but surely) as these criminals begin the sweating-stage. We already know they broke-the-law, it's just a matter of what to slap the Bush administration with. Also, their fellow obstructors of justice from the former GOP-majority should be investigated and subpoenaed. What to choose? So many choices, it's staggering. Better not try to get them on treason--it's the hardest to prove, just as impeachment's criteria are incredibly difficult. You choose lesser-crimes, and hit them on criminal-charges.

The cases of Andrew Johnson and Aaron Burr illustrate that charges of impeachment and treason aren't going to stick. It would be a statistical-error if they were convicted. Bush is hoping all the dirty-judges he appointed will save him, and they probably will on some charges. The problem is the amount, the tonnage. Watch the dirty-judges he appointed in the Supreme Court too, and remember that Scalia basically gave us the Bush administration. Political and economic elites don't prosecute each other very often. Call it class-loyalty, call it what you want, but they rarely do. That would mean accountability from legal-precedents, a "bad thing." But, good for the public.

Next comes the pissing, then shitting-stages. He's done. There was never a valid-pretext to violate the law under the inflated-threat that they painted after 9/11. The great thing is, we're going to find-out if little Texas judge Alberto Gonzales helped George W. Bush hide his DUI-arrest from the early-1970s when he had to do jury-duty a couple decades later. If he had served on it, he would have had to reveal this fact, and it's possible Gonzales pulled some strings to get him out of it. Watch the entire root-system get exposed and pulled, it's coming. An entire-administration is disintegrating. The arrests are coming, and so are some suicides. They're in more-trouble than anyone ever has in the history of the United States since Aaron Burr. They wish they were Aaron Burr. At least he got to shoot-and-kill Alexander Hamilton (thanks Aaron). It's the 200th anniversary of the Burr trial, a time to revisit it. Please do so.

The Trial of Aaron Burr:

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