Wednesday, May 02, 2007


They tell me I’m the most powerful man in the world. I don’t believe that. Over there in that White House someplace there is a fellow that puts a piece of paper on my desk every day that tells me what I’m going to be doing every 15 minutes. He’s the most powerful man in the world. --President Ronald Reagan Referring to the Director of Presidential Scheduling, February 23, 1984

The wires are running this stupid non-story about some of Reagan's diaries--there's nothing new in them, especially his comment that he thought Armageddon was coming in our lifetimes. Yes, he was a doddering, senile, religiously insane moron who was propped-up in the Oval Office chair by a bunch of crooks. Sound familiar? Why doesn't our current president tell us about God talking to him anymore? I think it was really the pink elephants, kids.

Reagan was a stupid president for stupid voters who thought (knew) there would be a short-term fix to the economy--never mind the kids or their kids, we want the money NOW. Even Neil Young became a pod person urging his fans to vote for Reagan in 1980. I think I agreed with Lynyrd Skynyrd after I found this out in the early-1990s. Go back to Canada dumbass (and I love his music). But hey, he bought a motorcycle for Charles Manson. Greed.

There was one entry that raised my eyebrows a tad: "January 30th, Couldn't remember own name. Mommy says she'll change my adult-diapers instead of the help." Now that's incredible transparency on-the-part of the Reagan Library, isn't it? Then there was the day of his assassination: "...getting shot hurts." Yeah, that's one for the ages, definitely, Abe woulda said that if his brains hadn't been blown-out. The question is how was Reagan able to in the same condition?

It was incredibly stupid for the Baby Boomers to vote for Reagan, and even worse for the "Greatest Generation Ever" (usually said by members of that generation). It's been 27 years of bullshit since then, and it's finally crashing-into that wall we always knew was there. The "city on the hill" looks like a slum, like Jerusalem. Happy fucking birthday to me (not you). Look hard at the quote above, and consider the implications--if the diaries of Ronald Reagan illustrate anything, it's that presidents aren't really in-charge. We shouldn't be surprised by any of George W. Bush's behavior when we all enabled it. The problem is, those of us who didn't have to live in this world too. Thanks a lot.

In his case--when he made the statement in 1984--that Director of Presidential Scheduling was one Frederick J. Ryan. Good luck finding much detail on this man's life, but he is noted as the author of "The Great Communicator", and one can assume was instrumental in the creation of the Maoist-cult of Ronald Reagan. He was also one of the public-figures responsible for the cancellation of Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" when he cancelled it from broadcast-lists at a Washington D.C. television station that he had considerable influence over. Happy hunting (just not with Cheney), this Ryan is one wily motherfucker!

Frederick J. Ryan, the most powerful man in the world: