Sunday, May 06, 2007


"The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the U.S." --Barry Goldwater, indirectly agreeing-with Noam Chomsky.

Washington D.C.--It's interesting how they're framing this one in the press. Yes, the last president to have this low an approval-rating was Jimmy Carter. Yes, he was a lousy president who was ineffectual and a divider. Yes, he armed Indonesia's military so they could invade East Timor and commit genocide, allowing the American Navy to have secure submarine bases in Southeast Asia (as well as the natural resources in the region). Yes, Carter was a founder of the Trilateral Commission, but so was the current president's daddy, George H.W. Bush and David Rockefeller. Tom Foley was recently the North American chair--pretty bipartisan, no?

28% is pretty low, but he's got over a year-to-go yet, but he's only four-points-away from Nixon's when he left-office. Now you can understand why he's trying to buy as much time as he can get. Iraq and Afghanistan are in meltdown, and so is our currency and economy. Yet, he's still the goat for private interests that are staggering in their wealth and influence. He's a lightweight crony. What George W. Bush doesn't get is that his time's up, and that the forces of law and order are circling. Maybe he shouldn't have broken hundreds of federal laws, then bragged-about-it. At least the Trilateral Commission paved-the-way for him by collaring the media, and buying-off the right people:

The crucial task [of the Trilateral Commission] is "to restore the prestige and authority of central government institutions, and to grapple with the immediate economic challenges." The demands on government must be reduced and we must "restore a more equitable relationship between government authority and popular control." The press must be reined. If the media do not enforce "standards of professionalism," then "the alternative could well be regulation by the government" -- a distinction without a difference, since the policy-oriented and technocratic intellectuals, the commissars themselves, are the ones who will fix these standards and determine how well they are respected. (, from "Radical Priorities, 1981.)

Then, you have the economy and the price of gasoline/oil. All the scandals we witnessed prior to November 2006 would fill this entire blog, and even in-summary. The public--even Republicans--have had enough. I'm unsure what Congress is waiting-for. The crisis of democracy is still with us--it might just work someday, then where would the elites be? Hopefully scrubbing bathrooms somewhere.

Were it not for the Trilateral Commission, there would be no George W. Bush as president. He was just expediting their priorities...badly. Even Carter did a better job, hiding most of his criminality better, but that's what separates the boys from the men (and the Democrats from the Republicans). Is the American public waking-up? They had better if they prefer not living in shit and mud-huts, policed by paramilitary death squads and private security firms.

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