Friday, May 25, 2007


MICHIANA--This area has a lot of Catholics--some Republican, most Democrats--and I think that gasoline has been kept cheap here for political-support for the GOP. We get a lot of consumer testing here too, and some have likened the region to a social laboratory. I would say they're correct. At $3.55-a-gallon, the oil companies must think that either the support doesn't matter anymore, that voters are shifting-away from the GOP in Indiana, or...who knows?

I hate driving anyway, maybe we'll get those corner grocery stores back again. Hey, with the recent dust storm that preceded the cloudbursts we got here a couple-weeks-ago (a tornado hit New Carlisle, I believe), I'm expecting Woodie Guthrie to pull-up into our driveway. There will be hobos, oh yes...and I haven't even told you about how much scrap-metal is coveted around here lately. Four bums were murdered here over it. My brother went to the same scrapyard they were selling their metal at, and all he saw were crackheads--and couples. They had literally anything you could find made of copper, aluminum, iron, steel, etc. .

Anyway, all I do know is that gas was always cheaper here than almost anywhere in the United States with some exceptions in the South because refineries were nearby. Just three-days-ago, gas was $3.65-a-gallon, when AAA was reporting it thirty-cents lower. I'm not suggesting they were lying, but I think the averaging was off is some respects. If gas is $3.65-a-gallon in Michiana, it's within ten-cents almost everywhere in the Midwest (figuring-in taxes). It's going to get above $4.00-a-gallon, so I think parents will be spending more time with their kids. ;0) I actually like the possibilities in all of this, it will ground most Americans. We need it.