Saturday, May 12, 2007

Give President Cheney and George W. Bush your opinions on Michael Moore's trip to Cuba

wArSHINtuHn/ --The confrontation between Michael Moore and the Bush administration isn't the first time, we can be assured that someone at Disney was tapped to pull the film from their distribution schedule back in 2004. As we all know, it backfired in an astonishing-sense: it made the documentary a much bigger hit than it would have been otherwise. If you think that the Weinsteins and Moore didn't figure the fines into their budgets, you're mistaken. Also, these things can be appealed for years. Once the Bush administration's cronies are out-of-office, the charges and fines--if there ever are any--will likely be dropped.

It seems everyone in the mainstream media wants to speculate (wildly) over what the fines are likely to be. At-most, they shouldn't be more than what Oliver Stone's Ixtlan Productions paid in toto, which was $6,322.20, spread amongst four individuals. The New York Yankees were recently fined $70,000, so we can assume they brought a lot of players there on business. To fine Michael Moore more would be obvious discrimination against Michael Moore, and censorship of anyone outside of Establishment media who wants to convey the real story of the conditions in Cuba--Americans are the last-to-know about nearly everything pertinent in the island nation, and how American foreign policy really works. You don't have to inform the victims, they know better than anyone.

Tell the crooks how you feel: