Thursday, May 31, 2007


FREDLAND--This individual--not a man, not-at-all--is a joke. He voted for the war in Iraq in 2002, and his basic platform bears a striking resemblance to that of George W. Bush. Now, the RNC and their allies are trying to make this other geriatric half-actor into another Ronald Reagan, even making explicit references to the Gipper. Great. The problem is, Reagan, his administration, and subsequent administrations (with help from Congress) helped start most all of the problems we're facing now with the GOP running amok and wrecking (more of) civil society than Reagan ever could.

Reagan and the last-two presidents just finished their backers' long-term plans for America: a dismantling of all the gains that the working-class has achieved since the 1930s, and general disenfranchisment (the right to vote). That's exactly what Fred Thompson represents, and it's a trend that he would continue if he's elected president. He would finish the job on all of us. In fairness to real prostitutes, Fred Thompson is lower than a whore. Thompson has also stated point-blank that he still supports President Bush's 2001 tax-cuts for the wealthiest that he voted for as a senator from Tennessee, while pushing the burden onto the shoulders of all working Americans.

He consorts with adulterers like Dan Burton (R-Ind.), that guy who cheated on his wife in the 1980s (he has a love-child in Indy) and who subpoenaed the Clinton administration 1,000-times over the same thing. Fred Thompson also still stands behind "Scooter" Libby, even though it's been established he lied to FBI investigators. Now, he's smoking Cuban cigars while he critcizes Michael Moore for taking 9/11 first-responders to the island nation (where he gets his cigars from). Oddly, all that does sound like Ronald Reagan...

Today, we hear that Freddie is tapping (pun-intended) soon-to-be former-U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin to help him with his campaign--and we can safely assume--serve as an advisor in his hypothetical administration if he wins in 2008. This is a rather galling move, picking someone who is going to be under investigation for "caging" practices in the 2004 elections--or does he feel he needs Tim Griffin to win? Does the RNC as well? Probably. There is more-than-enough smoke here that is not being investigated by the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission, and it all hinges on the U.S. Attorney firings (and hirings).

Like V.I. Lenin, Griffin has virtually no prosecutorial or even defense experience whatsoever. Why not just admit you hate Black (in-private, "niggers") people and the poor? Because it wouldn't be tolerated by the public, that's why.

Backers look for Fred Thompson to use a June 2 speech to Virginia Republicans to step closer toward the race. Thompson allies have had discussions with Tim Griffin, the Arkansas U.S. attorney and Rove protégé, about taking a top job with the campaign. (, 05.30.2007)

It's almost as if someone were leaking this information to scuttle Griffin's chances to do...well, anything at all. One of those "leakers" could be Monica Goodling, but she was under oath, and mentioned Griffin's role in voter caging in her opening statement before the House Judiciary Committee last week. One could assume some of the recent investigations have stirred-up some evidence. It wouldn't have been hard to find since it was under everyone's nose since at least November 2004. At any rate, WSJ appears to be the media source of this story.

The firing of the U.S. Attorneys was likely motivated for a few reasons: by appointing Griffin in Arkansas as a U.S. Attorney, the RNC and the Bush administration could continue the obstruction and the cover-ups of what are serious violations of federal elections laws, and groom him for Thompson's campaign. It also helps to shift operatives like Griffin around when it's convenient. The question is, why the hell is Tim Griffin and several others like him walking-around, when they should be arrested and investigated under suspicion of violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965? We know he wasn't going to investigate himself as a U.S. Attorney, don't we? Maybe he should for good measure.

Language barring the obstruction of a person's right to vote based on their race is in the 15th amendment to the Constitution of the United States, incidentally, it's a high-crime.We have a Democratic majority in Congress now, and this isn't going fast enough. Here's the entire 15th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, passed by Congress in 1870:

Amendment XV
Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

As we all know, the vast majority of Black Americans don't vote Republican, and likely never will unless they become more like the party of Lincoln again--let's not hold-our-breath on that one. An independent counsel needs to be created--perhaps multiple ones--to handle all of the sundry crimes of the GOP and the Bush administration over the last six years.

It's also beginning to appear that the Democrats cannot be trusted entirely with a credible investigation of all of this, and want to preserve many of the loopholes that allowed them to occur at all. They need to start explaining why. Federal Investigators need to be empowered with the ability to follow the trails wherever they may lead. If it leads to Democrats--even people like John Murtha--then that's how it goes. If you break the law and get caught, you should pay. Otherwise, what's the point of laws at all? If even a slim-minority of the rich can get-away with their crimes, you have a serious threat to civil society and reasonable order. This is why Paris Hilton is going to prison, though it's no for long enough. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to explain why "impeachment is off the table," when the president has admitted to breaking hundreds of federal statutes.

Fred Thompson is not a very good actor at all (unless you count his performances on the campaign trail and in Congress, since he's a great liar). Lying is what acting is all about. Law & Order stopped being a decent show when Michael Moriarty was fired for criticizing top cop Attorney General Janet Reno for her poor-handling of the Branch Davidians at Waco in 1993 (80 of them died in fires, probably caused by tear-gas grenades, and many of them were children). Imdb contends:

Michael Moriarty resigned at the end of the fourth season after a long, vocal battle of words with Attorney General Janet Reno, who was making efforts to censor television violence. He felt that NBC was trying to silence him when two talk show appearances on the network were pulled at the last moment and his role was reduced considerably in the fourth season episode "Mayhem." Dick Wolf claims this was entirely coincidental. Moriarty claims he was forced into a situation where he had to resign. His character, EADA Ben Stone, also resigned on the show. After quitting the series, Moriarty moved to Canada, where he considered forming a political party. (, '"Law & Order" (1990)', trivia section)

Actor Michael Moriarty still resides in Canada and is a citizen of the country today. He appeared in an 2006 episode of Showtime's "Masters of Horror" in Larry Cohen's "Pick Me Up." Since most American movies are shot in Canada now--don't ask why--Moriarty still gets plenty of work. He should, he's one of the best living actors on earth, while Thompson is decidedly not. The Moriarty affair was a very ugly case of the Clinton administration's attack on critics, but it was handled quietly and was hardly noticed at the time. Fox News is reporting on their website today that Thompson has quit the show:

The show's creator and executive producer Dick Wolf said Thompson asked for his release Wednesday. Wolf said the former Tennessee senator told him he "has not made a firm decision about his political future," but the show's production schedule would create constraints. Thompson has yet to announce he's seeking the Republican presidential nomination, but GOP officials with knowledge of his plans say he'll make his first formal campaign move soon. (, 05.31.2007)

That's great, Fred, but you have nothing to offer that's substantially different from George W. Bush and his corrupt administration. The public senses this in your empty rhetoric, but the lemmings could elect you yet. Like Reagan, you played boring authority-figures, but that doesn't translate into real leadership or a vision that truly binds us as Americans.

Fred Thompson, you offer no new vision for this nation, and you are hardly the "outsider" you portray yourself as, any more than Ronald Reagan was when he hanging-out with the big-shots at Bohemian Grove. One of the worst things about these caging-techniques is that it has disenfranchised our troops. Remember that when you see the ads thanking them for protecting our freedoms. Thompson doesn't stand for those traditional American values anymore than he stands-for traditional conservative ones. He's not a conservative at all, but he is an actor pretending to be one. It should be noted at this point that Jesse Jackson is pushing a bill proposal that would make a voter's right amendment to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It's high-time we passed one, firming-up every American's right to vote.

Challenging the right to vote of ethnic minorities is nothing-new to the GOP and the RNC. It has its rewards for the expediters in prominent appointments, such as the case of the late Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, once an operative very much like Griffin in the Arizona GOP:

During elections from 1958 to 1962, Rehnquist was the director for the Republican Party’s “Operation Eagle Eye” program in Arizona. Leading teams of lawyers to various polling stations in Arizona, members of Operation Eagle Eye (dubbed “ballot security”) attempted to use legal methods to dissuade black voters. Before the passage of the Voting Rights Act, Rehnquist and his colleagues were often quite successful at using legal methods to rig ballots, thereby creating an undemocratic election. (Calvin College Chimes, 04.27.2001)

It's hard to miss someone like that, isn't it? But the fun didn't end in 1962...except there was a problem after 1965. The Voting Rights Act. This didn't dissuade the RNC, however, and in 1981 they were caught once again trying to challenge the eligibility of minority voters. This time, they signed a consent decree vowing never to do caging-techniques or any attempts at the obstruction of minority voters. Thompson is the quintessential "insider," while real outsiders like real actor Michael Moriarty are sidelined for their very real challenges to unaccountable power. Fred Thompson isn't a rebel, he isn't an outsider--he's just another insidious ugly-American scumbag with a twelve-ton ego and no real balls. If he was for real, he'd be Michael Moriarty. Addendum: whatever happened to MARK FOLEY?

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