Tuesday, May 29, 2007


REALITY--Why of course there is--to hide the fact that President Bush is incompetent and that the attacks of September 11th, 2001 were his fault and responsibility because it's his job to prevent such threats to our safety. From late-2001 until around late-2004, this myth held...until it became obvious that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't going to be as easy as invading Panama or Grenada. You don't need a conspiracy with the clowns who run this country--incompetence aids the aims of corruption.

That's because our so-called "military superiority" is a lie that has been perpetuated to ensure that the defense contractors get-paid. A $6,000.00 USD, gold-tipped RPG (pioneered by the Swiss!) can take out an American M-1 Abrams battle tank--and have--that costs us millions. Do the math. We don't need these weapons-platforms when an AK-47, IEDs, and RPGs, and all the other hastily-assembled weapons and booby-traps render them useless. A 9/11 conspiracy? That's a red-herring, the whole system is far worse.

Today, 10 American soldiers were killed when their helicopter was shot-down by what is probably a $3,000.00 USD RPG, possibly a heat-seeking missle (though this is unlikely). Do the math. Cindy Sheehan picked a good time to quit, frankly. The war will now be decided by the insurgency and the religious warlords. Turkey appears poised to invade some of the northern regions of Iraq in order to prevent the formation of a Kurdish state. Things are playing-out, and it's now on whatever inevitable course we have allowed ourselves to be charted down. Now is the time for the real war of words. Keep hammering, folks, and keep bothering your representatives. Make their lives a living hell.