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"We are in the midst of a tragic, disastrous, illegal war of aggression in which this nation was led by a disastrous presidency. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has been tragic, unnecessary, unprovoked and illegal. We attacked a nation that posed no threat to our security and now the United States is an occupying force."--SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson in his opening-remarks at the debate that will never happen (because there won't be any coverage on tv.)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH--Utah doesn't seem so backwards now! It was a hands-down defeat for Fox's pundit Sean Hannity at-the-hands of Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson. Hannity came-off as an inarticulate balloon of hyperbole and tired genuflections at the Maoist altar of Ronald Reagan (and he's not even running for president). Most of Hannity's tactic was attacking and impugning on the mayor's integrity by constantly repeating that he was "a part-time mayor, and a full-time activist." Christ, what I would give for a mayor like that! Ignoring any logical and researched course, we got such statements from Hannity as:

"If Rocky Anderson will not be equally intelligent, honest and open and criticize the very same people that made the very same arguments, it's not George Bush who should be impeached or removed from office. It's your mayor [Ed.-the "I know you are, but what am I" strategy.]," Hannity said. and... "They're hurting troops, hurting morale, they're undermining what it is we're trying to accomplish,"... (Salt Lake Tribune, 05.05.2007)

He prepared for this? You're shitting me, man. You could have just propped a monkey in-front of a microphone (just like at the White House), and it would have worked the same--in fact, they did. No, that last quote doesn't sound like the Bush administration's, the GOP's, and Fox's talking-points--not-at-all. What's most interesting is that Hannity threatened to cancel the debate over a film crew who are making a documentary on Mayor Rocky Anderson. His reason? Don't laugh:

On April 23, Hannity threatened to cancel the debate because a documentary crew making a film about Anderson was planning to attend. Hannity worried that if a documentarian's request to film the debate was honored, the documentary could be edited unfairly [?!]. Anderson consented to Hannity's request that the film crew not be allowed. (AP/KSL News, 05.04.2007)

No, editing footage out-of-context, or re-contextualizing it to mean something-else--that never happens at Fox News, CNN, or any of the major networks. Not ever. Never. What a stupid, blustery, frightened male, that Sean Hannity. What he doesn't get is that the film crew doesn't need to have been there, they can just obtain the footage elsewhere and do with it as they wish. You see, in documentaries, you have to take a side, it's what makes them documentaries. It's an inherent-part of what they are.

But forget that for a moment, and remember that spin is what Fox does, and that Hannity regularly misrepresents facts with his own brand of hyperbole (TM), phony patriotism (TM), hate, inhuman greed (TM), and insensitivity. His audience is the same, excepting the white-trash males and old Republican geriactrics who need their hour of hate. He's pathetic, but not nearly as much as his tv and radio audience. What's interesting is that Hannity was trying to imply that the film crew making the documentary were affiliated with the SLC mayor. That's completely untrue. The irony is that it's Hannity's fault that they began making the documentary, he challeneged Anderson in-the-first-place:

[Rhea] Gavry and her husband Doug Monroe, who head Salt Lake City-based Gavry & Monroe Productions, have been following Anderson this spring through some of the most high-profile events of his political career, as he has become a national figure on the war in Iraq, global warming and calls to impeach President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney."You've got to admit he's a great story," Gavry said. The film crew became part of the story when conservative pundit Sean Hannity threatened April 23 to cancel his plans to visit Salt Lake City on May 4 for a debate with Anderson at the University of Utah. (, 04.28.2007)

Gavry was the cinematographer on "Fahrenhype 9/11," so it's a strange allegation to say that they're "with" the mayor, who has signed-off on any creative control over the film. She and her husband aren't exactly biased towards Anderson with such credentials. Why the fear on Hannity's part? Probably because he's a stupid and paranoid blowhard, who's intellectually-lazy like most of his listeners and viewers. They should be, they're criminally-irresponsible and ignorant as citizens.

I haven't seen even a blip on this story at: CNN, Fox News, or any of the major networks. I wonder why? Because Hannity lost, naturally. If he had won the debate, we'd never hear the end of it. It would be ubiquitous, but since it doesn't serve power, it doesn't exist on television (sorry, it exists on the internet, a fact that isn't going to change)., 04.28.2007:

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