Friday, May 04, 2007


J-7--In case you don't know already (see articles below), the law firm mentioned in the title of this piece is the one that employed the legal secretary who worked for D.C. madame, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Hookergate is growing, and it doesn't appear anyone with the connections is willing to quash the investigations into her escort business that worked Washington D.C. from 1993 to August of 2006.

That covers the entirety of the GOP's hold on Congress, and we can see they wasted no time in getting-laid once they were in-power in 1994. Funny, they promised to clean Washington up, as though they weren't "insiders" themselves.

Question: did Ms. Palfrey's service extend to Bohemian Grove? She was headquartered in California, and I grant that I'm begging-the-question, but they created Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan there. Oh sure, they existed before that, just not as the cuddly-fellas we got to know later. Akin, Gump, ... must be very-very concerned about the Palfrey scandal, because they read my blog for 26 minutes, then later for about 5 minutes. It almost appears that they had a legal secretary (!) doing the blog-searches, then had one of the attorneys looking at my blog to confirm they read what they thought they read.

But Akin, Gump... aren't alone: I'm getting hits from the Naval Academy, Harvard (the Gonzales 82' reunion), congressional aides in the House and Senate, and I think even Mr. Randall Tobias' people are skimming the blogs. They should, since the media is no-longer a monologue and cultural and perception management is going to be very-very difficult these days.

It's interesting looking at the site meter, you can see what's really going on out there in web. China must have millions of web-bots searching for sites to ban access to, and I get a lot of hits from Turkey as well. Very interesting.