Sunday, April 22, 2007


LONDON--This is excellent news. One more Bush ally has been sunk, and again, by themselves and their own corruption and complicity. Blair is stepping-down from 10 Downing Street on May 9th, just a week after my birthday! What a great gift, and a wonderfully ominous foreboding for the Bush administration. First, it was Berlusconi, who's also under-investigation for corruption in Italy, now it's Tony Blair. None of this should be unsurprising to even the most casual observer.

The obstructions are ending, and the forces of law-and-order are prevailing. Humanity has tired of the games, the lies, the corruption, the deceit, and the obvious criminality. It's likely that other elites in the UK and America have pulled-the-plug, seeing the actions of these regimes as a threat to the long-term prospects for their power. It simply went too-far, and now they're ending it. But it could also be a confluence-of-events where this couldn't be hidden any longer. We may never know. New Labour must be extinguished forever, but it's a wait-and-see with Blair's likely successor, Chancellor Gordon Brown of (don't laugh) New Labour.

The other thing that's great about all for the working-classes of is that Labour has finally rid-itself of their Bill Clinton and a symbol of Anglo-American "neoliberalism." Most of South America is also rejecting Clinton's and the DNC's policies in this economic sphere, with infighting and corruption charges against Paul Wolfowitz dividing and hamstringing the World Bank. For those who support Empire, it's a bad-day, which is a good one for humanity. The Sunday Mail reported:

Tony Blair's decade at 10 Downing Street marks him out as one of those rare politicians who put their stamp on an era.But no sooner has that milestone been passed than the Blair era will come to an end, with the Prime Minister's resignation expected within weeks, or even days. There is almost universal agreement that Mr Blair's successor will be Chancellor Gordon Brown. ...Will Mr Brown embark on a purge of Mr Blair's ministers and policies? And, perhaps most importantly, how long will the Brown era last? Conservatives have been busy over the last few years predicting that Brown. (, 04.22.2007)

Nobody knows what all this means yet, and it's unclear whether Blair will face any prosecution for what might be his involvement in a corruption scandal within the government, involving bribery. He's been questioned by Police twice now. Charges are coming-soon for some of Blair's aides--Lord Michael Levy, and Ruth Turner--and can bee seen as what's behind this capitulation of power and office. He cannot run or obstruct any more, and Iraq continues to be an Achilles heel for the Prime Minister who has held-office for 10-years.

Again, Blair is to the UK as Clinton was to America: a phony pseudo-liberal Trojan horse who essentially expedited radical conservative agendas, gutting ministries that served the common good, and an over-favoring of the wants of the business community over the basic-needs of the electorate. This is the reality of "New Labour," which is not really Labour-oriented at all, but a hijacking of the party by a small group of class-traitors like Blair who got a good buggering in the Public School system (private boarding schools for future UK-elites and their functionary leadership--America has similar institutions).

This is why one shouldn't expect any radical break with Brown, who has called himself a "progenitor" of Blair's, or a spiritual step-child. Here's a rundown on some of the perps:

Detectives in past months broadened their inquiry to probe whether members of Blair's inner circle sought to conceal evidence from police. Two close Blair aides are among three people who remain on police bail and both are under suspicion of taking part in a cover-up. All those questioned in the probe deny any wrongdoing. Lord Michael Levy, Blair's chief fundraiser and Middle East envoy, has been arrested twice [Ed.-my emphasis.], the second time in January on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Levy's spokesman said he had no comment. In March, Levy branded as inaccurate media reports that he had asked a second Blair aide, Ruth Turner, to "shape" her evidence. Turner, Blair's director of government relations and referred to as his "gatekeeper", was also arrested in January on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Wealthy Labour Party backer Christopher Evans, a biotechnology tycoon, also remains on bail. (Reuters, 04.20.2007)

What a week it has been for the Bush administration, hasn't it? Two GOP-congressmen down, and more-to-come. Gonzales being grilled for five-hours by the Senate Judiciary Committee--and the most-vocal critics were Republicans. Then, there's the emergency supplemental bill that isn't going to get-passed anytime soon. This is the chickens coming-home to roost. They convinced themselves that they were smarter than everyone else, and that their ongoing-corruption could never be checked by civil society. They were wrong.

Today, their supporters are in-denial, while others will be smarting with the reality that they backed a bunch of criminals. Others will slink into-the-shadows, knowing their psychology is the same as Blair's, George W. Bush's, Silvio Berlusconi's, and-so-on. Lord Levy (Jews can be English Lords?) had personal reasons in joining-forces with Tony Blair and New Labour: his taxes.

Although a multi-millionaire, he only paid £5,000 in tax in 1998-9 and less than £10,000 in 1997-8 as he said he wasn't working. He runs a private company called Wireart, an investment company which was based in an oversea tax haven until 1997. Wireart paid him £160,000 (plus £50,000 expenses) for work as a management consultant in 1998-9 at the time he wasn't working. Since 1992 he has been Chairman of Jewish Care, one of the UK's biggest charities (he was asked to join by the Tory minister Lord Young), raising as much as £60 million. (

Save the charges of anti-Semitism for the unintelligent and naive, he's simply corrupt. You think hell have an espresso machine by his holding-cell? The time of these scoundrels is ending, and now we have to work as responsible citizens in limiting these behaviors by our elected officials. It appears that the criminal justice systems in the United States and the UK are still somewhat-intact, and that the ilk of Blair and Bush haven't destroyed all of civil society...yet.

That Lord Levy schmuck: Today:

Reuters, 04.20.2007: