Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Were you ever in combat?!"

In two-words: fuck-no. Does being in combat make an individual somehow "better"? Of course not, my grandfather was in plenty of it in Patton's 3rd Army--he thought this war was worthless and stupid. So, you had/have friends there, or you were in Iraq/Afghanistan/Panama/etc. . Do I care? Nope. You're fighting for nothing but a bunch of monied-criminals and their interests. You are completely childlike and immature to think you're special for being in combat. Point-of-fact: our all-volunteer Army is primarily for those of us either cannot function in ordinary society, or are unable to find honest work where they live.

That's it. There is no honor in being a soldier, and there never was. It's a dirty-job that nobody in their right-mind would enlist to do. Only an idiot would, frankly, especially during the current conflict. I know, I know, it takes ignoring an entire generation of High Command, retired officers, all the deserters (the smart ones), all the smart people who stayed-out or refused to go when called-up--they know an illegal-war when they see one. They also have the brains to know bullshit when they see it. To all the self-appointed super patriots: be a real man and stop acting like apes. Grow-up. Dear John: thanks, I needed a topic today. Bring-back the draft, evolution is being thwarted.