Thursday, April 12, 2007


wArSHINtUhN--I'm hardly the first to note this, but isn't being Commander-in-Chief the job of the president? Oh yeah, we don't have a real one, I forgot. This is just another bumbling-tactic of George W. Bush to avoid any responsibility for his actions whatsoever. The three high-ranking generals who were approached for the job said "no," and unequivocally. What is the job? Taking-the-blame when the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq finally reach meltdown. Bush and Cheney just want another human-parachute, another scapegoat. Watch, nobody will ever take this position, and it will never be created in-the-end. This one just made me laugh, just the raw-irrationality of it all, the delusions of someone who was never qualified to be a washroom attendant. Alright, my apologies to washroom attendents everywhere--he isn't qualified to shovel shit.