Wednesday, April 25, 2007


tv-I hate television programming, and avoid it at-all-costs. It's just vile and empty, moronic and vulgar. If you want to destroy your potential for creativity and imagination, just watch lots of television. Also, if you want your memory to atrophy--watch television. It's an insult to the intelligence of slugs everywhere. My mother watches this show occasionally, and it's definitely boring and superficial.

Strangely, Rosie O' Donnell, is one of the most-liberal voices on the show. Right message, wrong messenger. There's something about her that just rankles me--I remember first seeing her hosting VH-1's improv show in the early-1990s, which she was good at. That's where it should have ended, frankly, because she's really got a big fuckin' mouth. Not only is she fat, she's stupid, and the kind of stupid-asshole who likes parading it around. Sure, Rush Limbaugh is also a fat gay-woman, but that's another story. She adds little substance to the public dialog, and neither does Ms. Limbaugh.

No, I don't care if she's gay. I don't really care if she's fat (my ex-wife probably is, but that's another story...). It's because she's a mediocre talent who aspires to being some weird form of superstar. Fame is stupid and annoying, but at least it provides the media with an easier-route towards misinforming us with their news white-outs. Should we care that she's "having a feud with Donald Trump"? Of course not, both of them are shibboleths fobbed on us for the purposes of distraction.

The pathetic thing is this: it works. Quit-watching these idiots who could fuck-up an orgasm, seriously. Get your entertainment from music and movies, go to a goddamned gallery or a museum. Read a book. Write music. Take a dump. Eat an apple. Start a blog. Do a drawing of someone. Pick your nose. Do a drawing of something that never existed before your drew it. Snore. Start a band. Go get-laid. Do all of them at-once--I dare you. At least something constructive will come out those things.

Oh yeah, Rosie: did ABC fire her? Who cares?! She isn't Noam Chomsky. She isn't Molly Ivins (that's for sure). She isn't Madame Curie. She isn't even stupid Gloria Steinem, or Ann C (tranny). She isn't Sappho. She isn't Helen of Troy. She isn't Cleopatra. She isn't Florence Nightingale. She isn't Joan of Arc (not even Joan of Arc was Joan of Arc). She isn't Helen Keller. She isn't Mother Jones. She isn't an Emma Goldman. She isn't Harriet Tubman. She's not Queen Elizabeth I. She's not Mary Magdalene.

She's not Nefertiti. She's not Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She isn't a Lucy Parsons or Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (some of the first woman unionists who were heroes of the IWW). She's someone who wants to be a star. Protect the First amendment, fine, but is that even why she's leaving? We don't know, but some of us on the Left are reaching-conclusions that probably have no-merit. We don't know why Rosie O' Donnell's leaving the View, and it probably doesn't matter why. There's little that's substantially progressive about her. Who cares? Cover the war in Iraq, forget Rosie. Cover the disintegration of the Bush administration. Forget Rosie.