Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Washington D.C.--This will be the real test of the sincerity of the new Democratic majority's leadership to democracy and our system of checks and balances. He's doing it today, it was just-announced on CNN, and appears that it will be held at the Capitol building. What a day: Patrick Tillman's brother Kevin slamming the High Command (and by-virtue of this, the president), the news of nine 82nd Airborne casualties, and Jennifer Lynch (remember her? she was taken-prisoner in the first-days of the war in Iraq) exploded years of White House misinformation in just one afternoon.

You know, something the media could have done early-on, but we know where they stand. If you punish Dennis Kucinich for doing what is appropriate and legal, Madame Speaker, Senate Majority Leader Reid, Rep. Emanuel, and Sen. Schumer, you will be making a serious mistake. We all know there is a lot of fiddling-with the polls lately, but the majority of the American public have spoken, and want the rule of law upheld. By November of 2006, we had all had enough of the criminality of the Bush administration, and dragging-your-feet isn't going to cut it.

Consider you political futures, and your future ability to govern. The White House has to be cleared-out, and the president removed from office along with his entire administration. Radical reforms are needed in-the-aftermath of this. The public wants it. Rep. Kucinich knows he's not going to be president by doing this, that's not his intention of running. It's to get the important issues into the public debate, something many of his so-called peers in Congress fear. Most of them are wolves who have attempted to gut any public services for the American tax-payer. It's time to run the money-changers from the temple. Cheney wasn't sick, it was just another stalling-tactic, and Kucinich has called him on it today.