Sunday, April 15, 2007


wAshINtUHN--Vice President Bush and President Cheney have stated they have "every confidence" in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, which is like having the Devil on your side at judgement day. Could the Bush administration be more politically-toxic? Give it a few-days--about two. You know there's trouble when President Cheney has to leave his S.P.E.C.T.R.E. hideout to chime-in on all of this. You know where he is right-now? That mutha' owes me money. Now, even scumbags like Lindsey Graham are hinting-at bailing on the AG.

Two days before Gonzales is to make a showdown appearance before Congress, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said none of Gonzales' public statements so far has convinced him that the department's ouster of U.S. attorneys was justified. In an op-ed Sunday in the Washington Post, Gonzales apologized for the handling of the matter, including a series of misstatements about his exact role that he acknowledged "created confusion." ...Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., another member of the Judiciary Committee, said Gonzales has "an uphill struggle to re-establish his credibility with the committee given prior statements." Still, Graham said he believed Gonzales could save his job. (AP, 04.15.2007)

There's no reason to recount all the different versions Gonzales has used, I don't intend to insult the intelligence of J-7 readers. It's hilarious that Graham said that he thought Gonzales "could save his job." Man, gimme some of what he's having, he doesn't sound biased. Not-at-all. Also, I was unaware that Alberto Gonzales had any credibility to "re-establish." When did I miss that part of his life in the public-sphere? Again, he doesn't appear to make a credible Mexican.

Soon--very-soon--Gonzales, Cheney, Bush, and even Tony Snow and Jeff Gannon, will not be chanting "Kumbi-ya" together, but a great-rendition of Queen's "We Are the Champions." The fourth-line is important: "And bad-mistakes, I made a few... ." Yes, it will also serve as a Gay Power ballad. I'm still waiting for the GLBT community to really begin attacking all the gays and transsexuals (a Bush-crony at FEMA paid-for a sex-change with Katrina funds, remember?) in the Bush administration for simply being criminals. Seriously, protecting them because they're gay just shows the obvious-shortcomings of your identity politics and pseudo-ideologies. What if Hitler was gay? He probably was, so would you defend him because he was gay? He was a vegetarian too.

A Democrat on the committee, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, said Gonzales' statement was not much help. "Not a single important question we have asked is answered in his opening statement," Schumer said. Specter also said he believed the White House would agree to a transcript of interviews of administration officials involved in the dismissals. The White House has suggested interviews in private with no transcript. "There is not going to be any budging as far as I'm concerned -- and I think others in Congress too on congressional oversight -- to have a transcript. This is indispensable," said Specter. (Reuters, 04.15.2007)

The problem Gonzales and the Bush administration have had with all this is having a record of what they say. They have also complained of having "perjury traps" being set for them. Is that not enough of an admission that you do in-fact have something to hide? The fact that they have thus-far refused to testify--making comments to-the-extent that they wouldn't--sound like the statements and behaviors of innocent people? We can only find-out if they're innocent by having them testify and investigating, using our well-established traditions that they've flouted as much as possible since their forced-entry into the Oval Office in 2000. They believe they are above the law. This makes them extremely-dangerous--and violent--revolutionaries who hold beliefs and values that are alien to America. We can thank ourselves that they're being reined-in.

It was a majority of eligible-voters (myself-included) who helped wash out the former-GOP majority, ending one of the most acute constitutional crises this young democracy has ever weathered--and it's not over yet. This is why we hear President Cheney telling us today that "Democrats will back down on Iraq [Ed.-the funding]." It's tit-for-tat. A game of brinkmanship that began in the Autumn of 2000. See what happens when you put-off a real resolution of a constitutional crisis? Also: Lindsey Graham's comments on virtually anything are suspect, granted, but he's sending messages to the Bush administration that he and their other GOP allies in Congress cannot hold-out much longer, hence the "blistering attacks." Sorry President Cheney, Congress has a higher approval-rating than you do.

Cheney's blistering criticism of Democrats, the latest in a series of recent speeches and interviews, drew harsh words from Levin. "He has misled the people consistently on Iraq," Levin said. "He has misstated. He has exaggerated. And I don't think he has any credibility left with the American people." The uncooperative tone comes just as Bush plans to meet bipartisan leaders of Congress this week at the White House. The purpose of that session on Wednesday is to discuss how to get a war-funding bill done, yet no negotiation is expected. Meanwhile, in Iraq, four bombs exploded in predominantly Shiite sections of Baghdad on Sunday. They killed at least 37 people in a renewal of sectarian carnage that set back the U.S. push to pacify the capital.(AP, 04.15.2007)

They can try to obstruct, but the political reality is changed until they're out-of-office...whenever that is. Sooner will be better than later. It's almost amusing to hear President Cheney state "progress is being made" while Baghdad is aflame. Mortar-rounds are hitting within the Green Zone on-a-regular-basis, as well as within the city in-general. So, like LBJ (the other schmuck from Houston), you have the clowns in the White House refusing to hear any bad-news, and a schism between what they say and the reality on-the-ground occurs. It's nothing-new, but it's becoming more pronounced in 2007.

Only the most emotionally-attached, indoctrinated, or sublimated cannot see that there is no possibility of any military solution or victory in Iraq. But, the longer all the no-bid contractors are there, the more treasure they're able to funnel from the public-funds. The US Attorney firings is just the icing on-the-cake. Of course they deleted the e-mails on-purpose. Of course they're guilty of more things than we even know-about presently. Of course they're all criminals in the White House--that's what the White House is for, to create a cocoon from civilized law-and-order for elites.

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