Sunday, April 22, 2007


ROCK--Since 2003, the Stooges have been getting-their-due, and boy is it heartening. It's overdue, but at least it's happening! I've been listening to the Stooges three-albums since 1986, as well as already hearing Iggy's sometimes patchy solo-career (1982's "Villagers" is probably my favorite solo song). Last-night, the Stooges did a show in San Francisco and Iggy did the stage-dive. He invented "crowd-surfing" at a 1970 Cincinnati show with the Stooges, but he's calmed-down since those days.

That's why he's still alive! I wrote Iggy in 1993 complaining about the Midwest and how much he meant--and still means--to outsiders in this part of the USA. He was cool: "Matt, Ultimately, the Midwest is not completely useless. ...There are people with some real heart there..." So true. Happy-birthday, Iggy, and shout-outs to the Asheton brothers, those crazy fuckers. I gotta get the new album, it's called "The Weirdness." It's their first full-length LP with the original Asheton-lineup since 1970, God bless em.' Now Ron and Scott can move out of their mom's basement...