Wednesday, October 25, 2006


THE VATICAN--It has been known for a long-time that the Vatican helped Nazi war-criminals escape Europe with phoney Red Cross-passports and Church papers after WWII. Granted, it was a Croatian Priest who did the dirty-work, but who would have the capability of gaining high-grade forgeries, safe-houses, and the resources to spirit these criminals to the Middle East and South America? Klaus Barbie--the Butcher of Lyon--entered the Port of Bunos Aires dressed as a Catholic Priest (or was it as Catholic Priest, dressed as Klaus Barbie?). The CIA is the most-likely demiurge in all of this, while the Vatican's role is shrouded in some mystery.

Nobody's being forthcoming, but it seems likely that the American State Department had the Vatican run these lines for Nazis who were seen as useful in the emerging Cold War. We don't know all of the details because the majority of these 40-60-year-old documents are still classified. But who said these networks ever ended? It seems likely that there really is a web of pedophiles within the Church that ferries these molestors to other parishes, often to very posh-locales swimming with fresh-bait. This can only occur with the aid of Bishops, who can shield others under them from Vatican-scrutiny and authority--in American politics, it's known as 'plausible-deniability.'

Expect some startling-revelations about this, I suspect a pedophile-network is being uncovered. If the Vatican found it acceptable to ferry Nazis across the world for the aims of power, why would it be such a stretch for them to have a network for hiding pedophiles if they were individuals useful to the Church's temporal-influence? Look at the place Merceica lives--the Maltese islands--and you tell me there isn't something sneaky about his connection to Mark Foley, and his posh-existence after being a serial-pedophile. These priests are being-rewarded for something, and we should be inquiring about their other extracurricular-interests. Some of them might include espionage of every-kind, probably in the service of American Empire.

The Rat Lines: