Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RAMBLA (Thanks Piltdown)

Check-out Rawstory's comments section today on the Foley scandal, there are some smart folks there giving their two-cents. The best so-far is Piltdown, who never fails to nail-it:

I dunno, it's pretty amazing/disgusting to watch the hordes of GOP supporters coming out and basically saying that it's okay for a 52 year old man to proposition a 16 year old boy for details of his sex life. And from what I've been reading, taking them around in his snazzy BMW, and ALLEDGEDLY (no proof YET, it's coming) having SEX with them! Blowjob between consenting ADULTS is bad. But a 50+ year old man, cruising teens for gay sex is nobodys business! RAMBLA indeed.

So, the main-tenets regarding the Foley scandal by many in the GOP are:

a) It wasn't a big-deal.
b) The kids were asking-for-it [these people should be watched].
c) It was just sex between consensual-adults [only it wasn't].
d) If the perp is someone I voted-for, he can do whatever he wants.
e) GOP incumbents can do-no-wrong.
f) I will never listen to a logical-argument.
g) We knew early-on, but we didn't know.
h) Oh wait, we didn't know early-on.
i) I will not resign.
j) I'll vote for the GOP, even if they touch my children's gentials.

k) Sexual-humiliation of terror-suspects is OK.
l) I'm not with them.
m) Political-power is more-important than the safety of our children.
n) It's Bill Clinton's fault.
o) We didn't know until it broke in the press.
p) I want my mom.
q) Democrats started the whole story, not Foley's behavior and our cover-up.
r) I wasn't in-office at that time...oh wait, I was.
s) Can we talk-about something-else?
t) Democrtas do it too.
u) We're starting another investigation that will go-nowhere.
v) This is a 'new McCarthyism', even though we're guilty.
w) Those guys over there knew before I did, and it's their responsibility.
x) What about that Democrat in the 80s?
y) We want to talk about the elections now. Please?
z) (coming-soon) You got us.