Wednesday, October 11, 2006


If you have never heard the music of ISIS, I recommend that you do. Normally, I wouldn't advocate a metal band, but these guys transcend the genre. While they are pretty heavy-sounding, they also embody elements of the last 40-years of experimental-music. A good-chunk of their sound is reminiscent of early-Floyd, but also has some post-punk and industrial influences thrown-in. If I was to describe them, it would be as the Sonic Youth of metal. Yes, the vocals are often like in most metal-songs (COOOKIES!!!), but it all works, and the music is sincere. They also have their own label called Hydrahead, and their roster is excellent. Check some samples of their music, it's pretty cool. They have a couple CDs on Mike Patton's (ex-Faith No More, & Mr. Bungle) infamous Ipecac records. You could do worse, like buying an emo CD. Actually, that would be the worst-thing you could do.

Hydrahead's site (sucks for dial-connecs):

Mike's site (ditto):

Hey, it's Paul Lynde (why not?):