Wednesday, October 25, 2006


THE WHITE HOUSE--Ever watched an actor forget their lines, or simply lose their character onstage? I'm watching it happen right-now, watching Bush's speech live. It's pathetic and almost unbearable--like his tenure in-office. His tone is fearful--for himself--and extremely defensive and pleading. At the same time, it's vindictive and accusatory, which is comical. He wanted the war, and President Cheney, so why is it everyone else's fault that he botched-it? OK, he was in the 'corporate-sector', so he could fire everyone who disagreed-with-him (too-late), but no-dice as Vice President under Cheney. I understand a Vice President feels they're in-the-shadow of the President, but this George W. Bush has got to go, what an upstart. He talks-badly, too, somebody must have told him some bad-news...then he fired them, but it didn't matter. His day had been ruined, and this couldn't be undone. The pathos, the horror, and nobody left to fire! He must be the worst Vice President we've ever had, I believe this.