Wednesday, October 11, 2006


SOUTH BEND--This is getting pretty hilarious. I went-down to the Donnelly office to get another-sign, and told a volunteer my sign was stolen. The young-guy said, 'Yeah, it's happening all-over the [2nd] district. We're out-of-signs, sorry.' So, I gave them $25 to offset the morons who stole the sign from my front-yard. I also mentioned to him something-else: someone had defaced a Chocola-sign by spraying a line through-his-name with black spray-paint. My theory is this--someone did the Chocola-signs first, flipped-out, and defaced Donnelly-signs. Then, they stole my sign. It's good to see the spirit of tolerance and compromise is still-alive in America. I disapprove of both candidates' signs being defaced. But if someone proved Chocola knew-about Mark Foley's pedophilia, then it would be OK, then. ;0) I'd tell you about the hijinks in Roseland, Indiana's (down-the-road from Notre Dame University) town council, but that's for another-entry. It might be a documentary soon (WINK!).