Monday, February 28, 2011

What gives: Update on the blog and the DC Madam account

As you can tell, I'm not writing (or writhing as much, key here), I'm not posting as much here. The reasons are simple: I have a book to finish, I'm not getting paid for any of this, and I don't owe you anything, nothing whatsoever. There's this weird expectation on the Internet--borne of intellectual slovenliness and cynicism--that everything should be free, everything.

I shouldn't have to remind anyone of this, but what the hell: Nothing in life is really free.

I'll post occasionally on here when I feel like it--when something truly needs to be said--but I have no desire to react to every world and domestic event unless it's going to have some reasonable impact, if the observation could truly contribute to the dialog. For the most part, that's been the case on this blog, but you begin to realize that the beast just wants to be fed, giving nothing in-return, nada, zip. The question, "What's in it for me?" is perfectly reasonable under the circumstances.

Guess who the last person was who made sure I was paid? A clue: she was found hanged in a shed next to her mother's trailer three years ago in May, having been run to her death by the U.S. Courts and Bush loyalist prosecutors. How much help did I get from the "crowd" during all of that? None whatsoever, thanks. She was a criminal--no less--but I was apparently "useful" so she tapped the federal defender's office to pay me for research work on her case, and she hired me, in other words. That's right, a former whore and madam was paying me to help exonerate her, but she also showed more concern about the state of things than you, she put her money where he mouth was to some extent...easily more than you.

I know the economy is "bad," you don't have to tell me, I'm just down the road from Elkhart, Indiana, an epicenter of economic decline that's going unattended. People are just being left to rot there just as they are across the nation. Yet, there are some of you, some readers, who are sitting pretty and who don't really give a damn about the state of things--hollow platitudes aside. It's you creeps that I hate the most and you're in my sights, I'm gunning for frauds like you and will never stop pointing you out, along with the rest of the scum wrecking society, more through indifference than anything else.

They say that hiding your light under a bushel is a sin, but many of you folks make it happen, you make it real. You're the reason that most artists consider burning their work out of defiance, so that you can never enjoy their fruits. Why would someone who's not being facilitated want to assist in saving this shit-house when no one really cares? That's a question I've been asking myself for over two decades, but I don't give up just because of a coterie of jaded turds. Save it: Talk is cheap. Major indie news sites and blogs are suffering the same as I am, getting nothing in donations or any sort of assistance. Of course, this is part of the plan of elites, to starve and silence the progressive voice, but your apathy is far more deadly, more destructive.

The DC Madam account: It's nearing completion of the editing and revision process. You will have to pay for it to read it since I'm planning on a hard-copy edition first, you'll actually have to work to pirate it, little FYI. It should clock in at around 400+ pages (with an index, a species that's nearly extinct in publishing when it's easier than ever to do them), it will have no illustrations or photographs, kiddie illustrations and will be for serious readers only.

The book is an historical account, not a tell-all omnibus text you'd normally have from a kiss-ass mainstream publisher. This was a story for the Internet age, therefore, it took place in that realm in a lot of cases. No one player can know everything that occurred in the story since it played-out on multiple-levels: telecommunications, interpersonal interactions (yes, the sex, and more...), and in court filings, and so on. So, take note Hollywood: not conducive to a narrative rewrite, not a story that lends itself to the cinematic that much.

Hollywood would tell a false narrative anyway, as they tend to do with stories like this.

There are no shoot-outs in the text and it's not a Tom Clancy novel (phew!), but it does have elements of a real world sensation--it was what most of the hype claims to be, it was a profoundly bizarre and unprecedented case in our nation's legal, cultural and political history. The liars like Alex Jones will continue to claim that Palfrey was "murdered" by "shadowy government operatives," which is unsupported by any physical evidence. If Mr. Jones and his clown possess really knew something, they'd be in court, period, the same applying to the rest of the tinfoil hat crowd (like Alex Constantine).

There will be other sex scandals, but the DC Madam one was a line-in-the-sand. There will never be one like it anytime soon and these scandals can be expected to get uglier, the stakes have risen to the point that someone taking Palfrey's route can expect what she got, a legal pile-on by most of the government's judicial and law enforcement bureaucracy. The account is not a conspiracy theory text since it actually contains primary data, actual information pertinent to the case. There is speculation on my part--as a player in the event, something I'm more than entitled to based on what I experienced and witnessed where others--like the conspiracy nut crowd--haven't. That's it.

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