Monday, February 28, 2011

DC Madam teaser: A big "fuck you" to DHS from the grave...

For the curious who really wanted to know what the DC Madam scandal was about: it was about illegal lobbying and appropriations practices, for starters.

From December 2007:

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Matt… just gotta love it! -Jeane PS if Bil’s suggestion that I was being used as the “fall gal” in the hope, Representative Slaughter’s persistent questioning would stop; thus driving attention away from the likely panorama of corruption the bad actors surely must have been trying to keep hidden – why then would they assume such a strategy would work? Unless of course, they thought I quickly would capitulate and not fight as I have. [Bingo!] Nonetheless, I don’t understand why the ‘gift’ (Pamela Martin’s services) could be seen by Slaughter, as some sort of answer to her investigation into the shenanigans of K Street and the CIA and God only knows who else at this point. After all, I/we were not in c[a]hoots with Wilkes & Company. I was never part of any sort of influence peddling conspiracy. I absolutely had no knowledge whatsoever, of such happenings. And frankly, I suspect neither did any of the women in my employ. Was it perhaps proferred [sic] – by ??? - that I indeed was part of the conspiracy? -Jeane

If you think things have changed since Obama, I have a bridge to sell you...

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