Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatever happened to the former DC Madam escort who contacted Ken Silverstein over Shirlington Limo and Hookergate?

Washington D.C.
--Inquiring minds want to know! I don't think Mr. Silverstein or Harper's were lying when he posted in early May 2007 that an intern lost the phone number of this woman-in-question, but surely they could have checked their own phone bills for the call that day? Perhaps it all got lost in the shuffle? That's the most likely reason, and considering the level of intimidation the government's investigators and prosecutors were putting out with former escorts of Pamela Martin & Associates, she probably got cold-feet and went into hiding.

She should know that I have her name and the names of virtually every escort that ever worked for the late Ms. Palfrey.

I want to talk to you--any of you--who worked for Jeane at one time. I will not divulge your identities without your express permission, my word is my bond. But this is a missing piece-of-the-puzzle here, this Shirlington lead, because it probably exposes illegal lobbying practices in the nation's capital and might even bring Palfrey a little justice, some vindication.

Give it some thought.

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