Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, the president grew a pair of balls, briefly...

So what? Granted, he has more balls than the last president who couldn't deal with an "unfriendly" audience that wasn't hand-picked, but does this make him a "good guy" now when we all know he's not going to do the right thing for the common good unless we nearly break his arm off? Where's the will? None of this talk at the GOP's retreat signals a real change, just one in image. Results are what count. Without a public option with real muscle, he can forget it. Without an ending of two worthless wars, he can forget it. Without closing Guantanamo, he can forget it. Without creating an independent commission to charge the last administration with a gauntlet of crimes, forget it, he's the same as the last brew, so are his advisers, and Congress needs to be flushed.

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