Thursday, January 07, 2010

We don't need most of the intelligence community

--After this Detroit "attack" (get real folks), if you think the threat of terrorism is especially potent or real, you're basically lower than an animal. Animals generally understand the real threat to themselves as a biological imperative and react appropriately. Granted, when they don't, they die, and sometimes die-out as a species.

If we should have learned anything from the Detroit attempt on flight 253 by a rich Nigerian it's that for the tens-of-billions wasted on these highly-politicized institutions that are really predicated on shaping public opinion towards an imperial-agenda, we're not being protected or defended at all, and that money is being wasted. Even in so-called "flush" economic times, this is galling, a total waste of a nation's treasure, and while millions of Americans are being foreclosed on thanks to incredible economic mismanagement at the highest levels.

But this is exactly why they're going to call for more money: the economic and political establishment know that they're the greatest single threat to our national security and are building a bulwark to protect themselves from the coming groundswell, maybe even a total breakdown of order thanks to their policies. This is the purpose of the war on terror. That's why we're going to keep hearing that such an infinitesimally-small threat is actually significant when it's not. The real threat comes from above--from Wall Street, from the corporate board rooms, from the lobbyists, the politicians, and their appointees. That's not an anti-government stance, incidentally.

The war on terror is just like the war on drugs in that it's a war on the public. Terrorists aren't going to be nearly as affected by it, which is the point.

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