Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Fox News ratings soared in October

WWW--This is very simple: all the liberals/Democrats watching for the next horrible morsel our of Glenn Beck's yob. Bill O'Reilly seems to be pretty overshadowed these days by the mentally-challenged Beck. Quit watching Fox News, you're being reactionary too. It is not news, it's entertainment and misinformation predicated purely on turning a buck. Why follow it? Why even follow it online? You're going to hear about if it's important, right?

If you ignore it and quit writing about it so much, it will eventually go away. Most of the right exists on resentment and wants attention. Like a little brat, you take that away from them, they'll stop, you watch. Murdoch--if he's alive--will notice that the party is over and that there's no more to be milked from his infotainment network, and it'll fold. Seriously, quit watching them. It's working wonders on a certain wo-man named Ann who has an Adam's apple and looks like James St. James.

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