Monday, October 26, 2009

Fred Thompson: Still "stupid," ugly, uncharismatic, and sending me inane email-newsletters

WWW--I and others "outed" this asshole, sort of. Apparently, he was in the research of Larry Flynt Publications of the DC Madam's, though I haven't seen any corroboration.

Nonetheless, such a disgusting turd as onion-head would have to pay for it, I cannot see any woman with any kind of standards having sex with such a disgusting, decayed asshole as Fred. Did the Emperor Claudius or Henry the VIII look like him the last stages of syphilis or what?

Here's the rub: no sooner had I written my past screed against the shithead that I start getting on his email mailing-list, so he and/or his people were watching. It's good to have a spam blocker, that's all I'm saying. Isn't he more like the redneck asshole you usually have to get poor directions from when you're lost in bum-fuck Egypt?

Who thought he was actually ever going to win the Republican nomination to run for president? If you have the name of this person, please send it my way, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell him, but he's going to have to get in line, Rudy Giuliani has first dibs.

Do these people get off on wasting millions of other people's money on a sure loser? They must have friends on Wall Street, that's all I'm saying. When, when are they all going to walk backwards all the time and shit-in-reverse? Fred's still ugly, alright, and he's getting uglier every day.

But if you wonder, "Would he screw a prostitute? Did he have sex with one of Palfrey's girls?" just take a long, hard look at his wife.

I never read any of his "Fred Talks" emails, curiously titled like "Mao Speaks," but there you go. Any woman who would fuck him is doing it for the money and is a de facto whore.

Postscript: No, no, sorry--he's "grandpa" from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just look at him.

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