Monday, October 26, 2009

Where did all the yelling Town Hall rednecks go?

WWW--You don't hear those town hall people (I know, don't look a gift horse in the mouth...), so what happened to them? You might think they were told to stand down now that it appears people like me who want socialized medicine or at least a public option as a start are in the majority and have no intention of backing down. We know they have no real concept of how democracy works and that they're kin to the lynch mob, but they understand math and being outnumbered, at least for now until they nail themselves up on the cross again.

I've been told that a percentage of these people and the Tea Baggers are disgruntled farmers and geriatrics who have been misled into believing some their Medicade was going to be taken away, and other fantastical tales like that there's no Obama birth certificate online when there's been a copy available for over a year. That's a religious belief you got goin' there. The cries of "socialism" (and the inevitable misspellings) and "communism" have continued, but they lack the general fervor we saw in August and September. What do they always say in the end? That the big, bad government "is the problem," when a child knows better. The government is the boogeyman.

That's funny considering many of these farmers I've been hearing about are probably going to see their crop subsidies cut. They need to make up their mind: government assistance just for them and a few narrow, selfish interests, or a social safety net for everyone. Hypocrisy comes easier for some than for most. But they seem to have tired themselves out, and nobody gives a damn about a boor like Joe the Plumber when times are bad. Soon, the myths of the system are going to collapse. People also forget that the Boomer generation had people in it who didn't have a problem with the Vietnam War, hated the Civil Rights movement, and so on. This was their final moment to make an ass of themselves one more time, and they went for it like a beggar to a bowl of gruel. They're tired, Jim, they're spent.

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