Monday, January 14, 2008

IAG (Independent Adviser Group) Visits J-7 Over Investor Qualms at SAIC?

--"The Independent Advisers Group (IAG) is dedicated to providing investment professionals with premier fee-based investment platforms. IAG provides advisers with the tools and resources necessary to partner with clients and work toward common objectives such as creating, growing and protecting wealth." That's what you get on the home page of IAG, and it appears that SAIC is a client who has some concerns over what gets published on this site about them.

They should be, and there's more-to-come in the intervening months. In case you don't know, Ret. Col. Ronald Roughead is found in the phone records of "DC Madam" (called that by the media) Deborah Jeane Palfrey in late-2005. It's a certainty that he was--and likely still is--employed by the ninth largest defense contractor in the United States. What's also likely is that he's been lobbying for them. One has to question whether most (or any) of it has been "aboveboard."

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